Nature's Generator Max 4.3


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Our Nature's Generator MAX 4.3 System brings together our Nature's Generator, Three Nature's Generator Power Pods and the Power Transfer Kit.

The Nature's Generator MAX 4.3 is a system that allows you to generate and store extended power. With the addition of the Power Transfer Kit you'll be able to link the existing power circuits in your breaker panel to your Nature's Generator MAX 4.3. You'll have the ability to continue providing power to your most needed items without having to disconnect them from their current outlets. 

The Nature's Generator Platinum System provides a combined 4,320W hours of run time during the most necessary times.

IMPORTANT: Installation of the Power Transfer Kit must be performed by a qualified electrician in compliance with all applicable electrical codes. Do not charge Nature's Generator by wall through AC input port when using Power Transfer Kit.


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  • Hi, Nolan. Thank you for your query, the pod can only be charged via Solar panels or when it's connected to the Generator. If you have additional queries, kindly email us directly at

  • Hello Daniel,


    Thank you for your inquiry.


    You can daisy chain a power pod by using its built-in expansion cable.


    You can plug the expansion cable of the power pod into the expansion port of the generator located at the back.


    You can see how it works in this video, please click the link to watch:


    Should you have any other concerns, please email us directly at



    Nature's Generator Support Team

  • Hello-

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Please see answers to your questions below.

    1. Yes, with the Power Transfer Kit you can select up to 4 circuits to connect it to and manually select which specific circuit you want to provide power to.

    2. Yes, the generator has solar input and wind input.  The Power Pods also have solar inputs you can connect panels to.

    3. Yes, you can use and charge at the same time. With the 4.3 Max System, you can technically provide power to a refrigerator for many hours.

    4. We offer a 1yr Manufacturer Warranty

    5. If you are looking to recharge the 4.3 Max System, you can have up to eight 100W solar panels

    6. If you purchase the dual wind controller box, you can connect two wind turbines to the generator.

    7. We are currently sold out, but will be available the week of 09/07/2020 with free shipping to Texas.

    Nature's Generator Support Team

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    Nature's Generator Support Team