Nature's Generator Platinum System

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Our Platinum System brings together our Nature's Generator and Nature's Power Pod and three Nature's Power Panels. Together, the generator and pod provide a combined 1,920W hours of run time. With the included three 100W Power Panels you can continually recharge both units.

Generator includes:

  • 60Ah internal SLA battery
  • 1800W built-in Pure Sine Wave inverter
  • LCD Display that shows battery level and output information
  • Main Switch to turn on the unit
  • 3 x 120V AC outlets powered by integrated On/Off switch
  • 2 x USB ports that provide up to 3Amps of combined power
  • 1 x 12V DC power outlet
  • 1 x Solar Input with built-in 200W charge controller
  • 1 x Wind Input with built-in 300 W charge controller (Wind Turbine Coming Soon!)

Power Pod includes:

  • 100Ah internal SLA battery
  • LCD fuel gauge to show battery level
  • 1 x Solar Input with built-in 200W charge controller
  • 1 x 12V DC power outlet
  • Item compartment on top

Solar Panel:

  • Three 100W Power panels - MC4 Branch connector included
  • 50ft Solar Panel cable included
  • Winter and Summer position options
  • Metal frame cart that includes wheels for ease of movement and transportation

- Nature's Generator User Manual
- Nature's Power Pod User Manual
- Nature's Solar Panel Start Guide

***Please be advised that our Platinum System is shipped on a pallet via a trucking company. Please ensure your address is suitable for freight deliveries.***