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Nature's Generator - General Information

What is the "Nature's Generator"?

What electrical appliances can I run with a "Nature's Generator"?

Does the Nature's Generator include a battery?

Why is there a Main Switch and an AC switch on the Nature's Generator?

How long will it take to recharge my Nature's Generator?

How do I connect my Nature's Generator with the Nature's Pulse app?

Can Nature's Generator be charged by solar panels on cloudy days?

Can the Nature's Generator be used as a UPS system?

Is the Nature's Generator portable and easy to move around?

I have an item connected to the Nature's Generator AC outlets. Why am I not seeing the output power on the LCD display?

How much do i save on electric bills by using Nature's Generator?

Does Nature's Generator require installation?

Can the Nature's Generator be used indoors?

Can it be hybridized with gas generator?

Nature's Generator - Battery

Does Nature’s Generator use lithium battery or sealed lead acid battery?

How long does the charge last?

What shall I do if the battery is depleted completely?

What’s the best way to maintain the battery?

What is the typical life span of the seal lead acid battery?

How easy is it to replace my battery?

Nature's Generator - Power Output

Does Nature’s Generator use pure sine wave inverter or modified sine wave inverter?

What electrical appliances can I run with Nature's Generator?

Can Nature’s Generator power my CPAP machine?

Can Nature’s Generator run my refrigerator?

Can Nature's Generator power my sump pump?

Can Nature’s Generator power microwave?

Can Nature’s Generator power my window air conditioning unit?

Why do I hear the beeping sound?

Nature's Generator - Power Pod

Can Nature’s Generator be expanded?

How many Power Pods can be connected to the Nature’s Generator?

How much run time can one Power Pod increase?

How can I charge Power Pod?

How do I know Power Pod is fully charged?

How can I see the battery level of the Power Pod?

Where shall I put the Power Pod?

How do I move around Power Pod?

Nature's Generator - Power Panel

How long will it take to recharge my Nature's Generator by solar panel?

If I connect the solar panels and the wind turbine at the same time will it over charge?

Can I use other manufacturer’s solar panels?

How many solar panels can I connect it to?

Can I charge it in a cloudy day by solar panel?

What’s the length of the cord from solar panel to generator?

What’s the dimension of solar panel? I want to mount it.

Nature's Generator - Wind Turbine

Can it be recharged by wind and solar at the same time?

What tower will you recommend for your Wind Turbine?

How tall shall I set up for the Wind Turbine?

What else do I need to use Wind Turbine besides the tower?

What wind speed does it need for wind turbine to charge Nature’s Generator?

Why do you choose 5 blades, not 3 blades?

Why is there red tip on the end of the blades?

Nature's Generator - Power Transfer Kit

Where shall I install the Power Transfer Kit?

Shall I install Power Transfer Kit indoors or outdoors?

Can I use Power Transfer Kit and Nature’s Generator to back up 220V?

What happens when the utility power is restored?

Will the surge damage my Nature’s Generator when the unity power is restored?

What will I be able to power?

Can I use it off the grid like in cabin or RV?

Can the Power Transfer Kit recharge my Nature’s Generator?

Can Power Transfer Kit work with other Generators?

How do I connect the generator to the breaker panel?

I have to connect the power transfer kit further away from 18 inches. How can I do it?

Business and Terms

Do you offer any discounts for Military personnel?

Do I get free shipping?

Do you ship to Canada?

Do you ship internationally?

Can you offer a discount if I purchase bulk items?

How can I become a wholesaler?

Do you save credit card details?