Daily uses for the Nature's Generator

Whether you choose to live in a major metropolitan city, out in the country or in a home that has wheels and allows you to change your scenery daily, Nature’s Generator is there to cover all of power needs. We offer an array of systems that can be configured to the demand of whatever lifestyle you choose. Our goal is to provide you with the option that suits you best, whether that is by utilizing solar panels to gather free sun or whether that is by utilizing the wind to generate electricity by the wind or a combination of both, we have you covered.

Common uses for our systems provided by real life usage scenarios from our customers.

Solar Home Owners: Solar power installation for homes is becoming more and more popular throughout the US. As a homeowner with a solar system the Nature’s Generator is a great way to capture some of that energy you are generating. You can use and keep it for your needs instead of necessarily sending it back to the grid. Just plug one of our systems into your household outlets to charge the system and if any situation arises, you are in good shape as you have your own micro grid already charged and ready to go regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.

Camping: We all have an image that comes to mind when we think of the word camping. It could be at a campground with a hundred of your closest friends or it could be in the middle of nowhere by yourself. The convenience and portability offered by the Nature’s Generator Gold System is ideal for camping. The fact that our system is whisper quiet makes it ideal for use at night without disturbing your neighbors or violating any noise ordinances. And if you’re out there alone you can make sure you keep connected to your loved ones. Either way, there comes a point when you just need to stay charged and connected while being away. Simply place the solar panel out in the morning to recharge your system from the previous overnight and morning uses, all while you are out tubing or fishing or enjoying a hike in the back country. Your system will be right there charging for you when you get back and are ready to use it again.

Emergency Preparedness: Whether it is a tornado, earthquake, snow or rain we will always recommend that at a minimum you have the Nature’s Generator Gold System close by. This will provide you with 720-watt hours of available power on a single charge to help back up your mini refrigerator, charge laptops, tablets and cellphones, power fans or lights and much more. The Gold System includes one solar panel that will allow you to constantly keep your system charged through the power of the sun. The system also includes a built-in 90-watt charger that allows you to use your system as a large uninterrupted power supply to backup your computer, garage door opener and any other must have power needs in an emergency situation. With its whisper quiet sound and the lack of emissions, it makes the Nature’s Generator Gold System ideal for indoor use.

RV / Vans: As this becomes a more and more popular way for people to choose to live and enjoy their retirements, let the Nature’s Generator come along for the ride. It can help to provide you with electricity wherever you decide to call home for the day. With the included 100-watt solar panel(s) it can recharge system during the drive time and be available for nighttime use or simply to have on hand for any emergency that may come up on your journeys. With the whisper quiet sound, it is also ideal for indoor use and can save you from having to drain the vehicle battery.

Contractors: Whether construction or trades are a career or a hobby, let Nature’s Generator power all the items you use. With the built-in Pure Sine Wave inverter, run your tools without any performance concerns. Our systems can be used indoors with no worries about toxic fumes or sound. Take the system to where you need it on the job instead of having to run extension cords. The Nature’s Generator doesn’t require any regular maintenance and can save the need for gas and can do the job at a fraction of the cost as a traditional generator.