Nature's Generator 50ft Power Panel Extension Cable
Nature's Generator 50ft Power Panel Extension Cable

Nature's Generator 50ft Power Panel Extension Cable

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If you are looking to extend your reach with your Nature's Power Panel, then you will need this 50ft Power Panel Extension Cable.


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  • How many extension cables can you chain together?

    Hi Brent,

    Thank you for your interest in our Nature's Generator.

    Regarding your query on how extension cables can you chain together, the answer is unlimited. However, the advisable length is within 50 Ft only since, exceeding 50 Ft will show some but insignificant reduction in voltage capacity.

    Should you have further questions, kindly email us directly at

    Thank you.
    Huntkeyusa Support

  • I asked this following question thru the Home Depot Q&A session and was not satisfied with the answer given (incomplete answer) On the power pod to check the power level, there is a button to press and the led lights either come on or not. When full they all come on steady, the three lights on the (r) are green, the next light to the (L) is yellow, and the last light on the far (L) is red. Common sense tells me that green means full! What I do not understand why on a full battery there shows a (RED & YELLOW) light. Why are not all lights green when fully charged. Each light indicates 20% incremental charge ( 5 lights) so 5 green lights means all fully lit to 100% charge.What does the yellow and red light indicate? Is this some kind of fault indicator and the battery is NOT FULLY charged? Red is DEAD? Yellow is partially charged, so with (3) greens and the red & yellow I'm looking at (MAYBE) 70% charged! Do we have a problem here? Please advise!

    Hello Dan:   The reason the first two lights are orange and red is to alert you when your battery charge is at 40% for orange or 20% for red.  They are indication lights to show that it may be a good idea to start to recharge the unit to return them to the green territory.  60%, 80% and 100% are green to show that the pod is charged to a good strength, more than half of the charge remains. I hope this helps and should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.   Sincerely, Nature's Generator