Nature's Generator Elite Gold - WE System
Nature's Generator Elite Gold - WE System
Nature's Generator Elite Gold - WE System
Nature's Generator Elite Gold - WE System

Nature's Generator Elite Gold - WE System

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Choose from three available models:

The Nature's Generator Elite is the newest member of the Nature's Generator line of products and accessories.  We built off of heritage of the current Nature's Generator to provide an increase of output wattage and battery run time.

The Nature's Generator Elite - Gold WE System is a user-friendly unit that stores electrical energy in its internal battery and uses state-of-the-art electronics that convert 12-Volt power to 120-Volt everyday household electricity. Nature's Generator does not require gas to run and can be used indoors as it does not emit any toxic fumes like standard gas generators. It is also whisper quiet when in use. When you order, you'll get the Nature's Generator, a Heavy-Duty Cart to ensure ease of movement and transportation of the Nature's Generator and a 1-year product warranty.

      Nature's Generator Gold WE System Highlights

      • Nature's Generator Elite is made with a built-in 3600-watt pure sine wave inverter and a 100-Ah sealed lead-acid battery that is maintenance free
      • Easy to read LCD display will show you system performance
      • Included ports/outlets on front panel:
        • Three 120-Volt AC outlets
        • Two USB ports provide up to 3A of combined power
        • One 12-Volt DC outlet
        • One 300-watt solar input
        • One 300-watt wind input
      • The back panel includes:
        • A built-in 600-Volt / 350-Amp expansion port that allows connection of the Nature's Generator Power Pod Elite for extended battery storage and run time
        • A 30-amp receptacle for direct connection
      • Universal heavy duty cart included and designed to work with: Nature's Generator, Nature's Generator Power Pod, Nature's Generator Elite, Nature's Generator Power Pod Elite
      • Assembly required

      This system includes two polycrystalline Nature's Generator Power Panels including:

      • Rated power: up to 100-watts per panel
      • 50-foot UL approved, 8-gauge power panel cable for easy connection
      • The power panel includes wheels for easy transport
      • 3.2mm safety and anti-reflective glass
      • Includes multiple positions (summer/winter) for optimum sun exposure for different seasons of the year
      • Includes eye bolts for securing the power panel to different surfaces
      • Assembly required

      This system includes Nature's Generator Wind Turbine:

      • Nature's Generator Wind Turbine provides an additional method of recharging the Nature's Generator Elite and will help harness the power of wind
      • Nature's Generator Wind Turbine comes included with a 100 ft. 12 AWG UL approved wind turbine cable for connection to the Nature's Generator's Wind Turbine
      • Rotary diameter: 51 in.
      • Blade material: fiberglass nylon composite
      • Turbine body: cast aluminum alloy with powder coating
      • Yaw: fits 1.5 in. schedule 40 pipes or towers (pipe/tower not included)
      • Rated power: up to 150 watts at 27 MPH
      • 100 ft. 12 AWG UL wind turbine cable with weatherproof connectors
      • Controller box
      • CE ROHS certified
      • Assembly required

      How to recharge your Nature's Generator Elite Gold WE System

      • Using included AC Cord - Estimated recharge time: 8 - 10 hrs
      • Using the Nature's Generator Power Panel - Estimated recharge time: 10 - 12 hrs
      • Using the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine: 150 watts at a constant wind speed of 27mph, it can take up to 6 - 8 hours (Charge times can vary)

      What can the Nature's Generator Elite Gold System power?

      Run Times with Nature's Generator Elite
      • Smartphones - 100+ Recharges
      • Tablets - 50+ Recharges
      • Laptops - 20+ Recharges
      • LED Light Bulbs - 80+ Recharges
      • Point of View Camera - 160+ Recharges
      • Mini Fridge - 20-30 Hours
      • Refrigerator - 13-20 Hours
      • 32" LED TV - 20+ Hours
      • Oscillating Fan - 20+ Hours
      • CPAP Machine - 13+ Hours
      • Circular Saw - 6+ Hours
      • Corded Drill - 13+ Hours
      • Modems - 150+ Hours
      • Routers - 150+ Hours
      • * All run times are estimates based on a fully charged generator. By using the included Nature's Generator Power Panel, run times can be extended. ** Run times are also dependent on the specific models of each item being used.

      Nature's Generator Elite Gold WE System

      • Three 120V household AC outlets
      • Two USB ports with 3A of combined power
      • One 12V DC port (240W max)
      • Expansion port: 350A Fuse
      • Internal AC charger (190W)
      • Solar input (300W Max)
      • Wind input (300W Max)

      Battery Details
      • Type: AGM Sealed Lead Acid
      • Capacity: 100Ah (1200Wh)
      • Keep plugged in or recharge every four months of non-use
      • Built-in charge controller
      • Built-in low battery protection
      • Product dimensions with cart: 23 × 17 × 22 in.
      • Product dimensions without cart: 18 x 12 x 15 in.
      • Product dimensions - Power Panel: 40 x 2 x 27 in.
      • Weight out of box: Generator - 120 lbs
      • Weight out of box: Power Panel - 31 lbs. per panel
      • Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
      • Storage temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
      • Output Power: 3600W max
      • Output wave form: Pure sine wave
      • Output voltage: 120V
      • Output frequency: 60Hz
      • Front LCD panel
      • LCD button turns on the LCD display

      Nature's Generator Power Panel

      Nature's Generator Wind Turbine

      Features & Data
      • 100 Watt panel
      • Cell Type: Polycrystalline
      • Junction Box with Mc4 Connector cable
      • Daisy-Chain to another solar panel using MC4 branch connector
      • Frame cart with wheels
      • Summer and winter and tilt lowercase
      • Reinforced with 3.2mm safety, anti-reflective glass
      Features & Data
      • Weatherproof M19 3P connectors
      • 100ft, 12AWG UL approved wind turbine cable
      • Wind Input: Anderson connectors
      • Rated mechanical power: 150 watts @ 27 MPH
      • Maximum wind speed 110 mph

      What's Inside

      • Nature's Generator Elite with
        • Heavy Duty Cart (assembly required)
        • Nature's Pulse Smart Key
        • 4 foot power cord
      • Two 100-Watt Nature's Generator Power Panels
        • One 50 foot power panel cable
        • One MC4 branch connector
      • Nature's Generator Wind Turbine
        • Nature's Generator Wind Turbine
        • Hub
        • Nose cone
        • 5 blades
        • 100 foot cable
        • Controller box
        • Hardware and tool bag
      • Owner's manuals


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