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How to Live Off the Grid? - Nature's Generator

How to Live Off the Grid?

Living off the grid is not easy and definitely not for everybody. Learn more from this article...
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Living off the grid is not easy and definitely not for everybody. There are so many important factors such as location, energy source, water and food source that need to be considered and addressed correctly in order for this type of lifestyle to work. However, when done right, all the hardships and struggles will be worth it, not to mention the immense feeling of success and contentment as one settles to a simpler, more relaxed, more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.
Living Off the Grid

The idea of living a simpler and more peaceful life is continuously attracting more and more people these days. It could be because of the increasing stress we feel as the society continues to dictate that we need more to become happier as we watch the prices of basic commodities continue to shoot up, utility bills piling up and your raise is well… What raise?

Living off the grid promises a life that is more minimalist, calmer, less stressful not to mention the savings you enjoy from not having to pay utility bills and harvesting your own produce. While all that were mentioned are true and certainly attainable, switching from on the grid lifestyle to a life of self-sustainability requires tons of preparation and a whole lot of adjustments, hard work and patience. Having said that, is living off the grid still worth it? When done correctly, absolutely! Is it easy? Not really, at least not at the start but it will be as you ease your way in. Once you’ve finally settled in, there’s no more turning back and you will find yourself saying that living off the grid is indeed life changing, literally and figuratively.
Checklist Before Going Off the Grid

Now that we’ve established that living off the grid is possible, there are several important factors that you need to consider before making the big switch. This is to ensure that you fully prepare yourself for this 360-degree lifestyle change and of course, achieve the goal of living a self-sustainable kind of life.

  • Research, Research, Research
Reading about living off the grid and learning as many things as you can about it is one of the, if not the first thing you need to do in order to have an idea if this lifestyle is something you think you can handle. There are a lot of free resources on the Internet that you can access so make use of those to educate you on what you need and what it takes to be self-reliant.  
  • Mindset - Preparing the Mind, Heart and Body
Once you have decided that you would like to live a grid-free kind of lifestyle, the next thing you would need to prepare is your mind, heart and body. Cheesy as it may sound but conditioning your mind and heart about letting go of your current lifestyle along with the comfort and convenience it brings will help you a lot as you create your expectations when living off the grid.
Preparing the body is also vital when you’re planning to go off the grid because a lot of the conveniences you enjoy in your current lifestyle will be gone. A simple example would be, you have your heater available in your on-the-grid home but when living off the grid, you use firewood to heat up the house so heavy lifting may be required from time to time.
  • Location - Finding the Right Spot is Key
Not all states in the country are off-the grid friendly so make sure that the state of your choice allows this type of lifestyle. In addition, some states are better than the others so make sure to choose the location that allows/supports the exact off the grid lifestyle you have in mind. Cost of land, legality of self-generated utilities, climate, access to medical care, availability of renewable energy and phone connectivity are some of the factors you need to check when choosing the best area to unplug.
  • Energy - The Power is in Your Hands

One of the major changes that needs to be addressed when going off the grid is the power source. Not all alternative power sources are off the grid friendly so knowing the right type and the correct power capacity is one of the key things to make living off the grid a success.

Nature’s Generator is one of the top and most trusted brands in terms of providing off-the grid power source. Depending on your power requirements, Nature’s Generator offers three default solar power systems that are upgradeable, expandable and can be charged in 3 ways - solar panels, wind turbines and an AC outlet.

  • Nature’s Generator Gold Package is a great portable solar generator that you can move around your house. It comes with a 1800w power and one solar panel for charging. You can upgrade it anytime and buy additional power pods for extra juice or another solar panel or a wind turbine as another charging option.
  • Nature’s Generator Elite Gold Package is twice the energy at 3600w and twice the charging power with 2 solar panels included in the package. As usual, it’s open for upgrade so you can purchase extra power pods or a wind turbine for your charging needs.
  • Nature’s Generator Powerhouse is perfect for your household if you have a lot of appliances that you want to power up at the same time. It boasts of a 7200w default power capacity and is dual volt capable - 120v and 240v.
If you’d like to know more, we’ll be happy to assist you find the perfect solar power system for your off the grid living needs.
  • Water - Water is Life
Water is needed for the survival of all living things so make sure that you have a great water source wherever it is that you are planning to live off the grid. It may be well-drilling, pumping or hauling from a nearby body of water or water delivery but whatever the case is, make sure to take into consideration the cost, labor and practicality of the available options so you can make the right choice.
  • Food - Of Gardening, Fishing, Canning and Dehydrating
Since you are going off the grid, you need to identify how, where and what will be your source of food. Whether it is by putting up your own vegetable garden or foraging, fishing or hunting, make sure that you learn the skills needed instead of doing it by trial and error. Food preservation such as canning and dehydrating food lessons may also come in handy so take up a course or read about them as you prepare to go off the grid.
  • Septic and Plumbing - Keeping Things Clean
Living off the grid does not really mean you’ll have to live like Fred and Barney of the Flintstones. You will still need a good septic and plumbing system to ensure that your house is comfortable and hygienic. While some people choose to “roughing it” (no running water, plumbing or electricity) with an outhouse, modern off-grid setup will allow you to have a septic tank to deal with your waste and a plumbing system to deal with your water and waste.
  • Money - Pension or Income?
Unless you have your pension to rely on, you need to make sure that you still have the means to make money while living off the grid. The good thing these days is that there are a lot of remote jobs that you can find on the internet so it is just a matter of finding the right one that matches your skills. Oh, and you can even enroll in online courses if you want to upskill or learn something new.
  • Network - Meeting the Ones Who Already Made It

Last but not the least, finding a community of people who have successfully made the switch to living off the grid could be the final boost that you need to make your decision to living off the grid final and 100%. Hearing the struggles and how they beat them straight from the horses’ mouth has that certain effect that tells you that you are not alone and that everything’s going to be alright. So go ahead and mingle with people who are enjoying life off the grid.
Final Thoughts

Living off the grid is not for the faint of heart and definitely requires a lot of adjustments, will power and patience. This is especially true during the beginning, where you are still in the adjustment period. Just like when you are still relying on the grid, there are good days and bad days in the off-grid lifestyle so be patient and kind to yourself. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you are one step closer to your goal: completely embracing the off-grid way of life.


  * We want to give credit where credit is due. Professional writer, Ann Mathew, contributed research and content to this blog titled: How to Live Off the Grid? Thank you, Ann, for your contributions!