Nature's Generator Power Pod Conversion Kit


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Conversion kit specifically designed to convert your original Nature's Generator Power Pod to make it compatible with the Nature's Generator Power Pod Elite.


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  • Hi Geno, Thank you for reaching out. If you're converting from a standard pod to an Elite pod via a conversion kit, this will also increase the maximum solar input for the pod. If you have any follow-up questions, you may reach us via

  • Hi Ben, thank you for your query. What exactly do you need so that, we can check if it's available to purchase. If you have further queries, you may message us directly via

  • Hi Ali, thank you for your query. This kit allows you to use your Nature's generator power pod into the Nature's Generator "Elite" System, which requires an Expansion Port: 350A Fuse

    If you have more query, kindly send as an email to

  • Hello Awny,

    Thank you for your queries.

    Regarding your concern about the conversion kit, you need to purchase 1 for each standard power pod you have. This will make your standard pods compatible with the Elite system.

    Should you have further concerns please let us know and we would be more than happy to help. Just email

    Thank you.
    Huntkey USA Support.