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Nature's Generator Wind Turbine
Nature's Generator Wind Turbine Front View
Nature's Generator Wind Turbine Material
Nature's Generator Wind Turbine Parts

Nature's Generator Wind Turbine

Sale price$549.99 USD
Protect your product:1-Year Standard Warranty

Get To Know The Nature's Generator Wind Turbine

The Nature's Generator Wind Turbine has been designed and made specifically for use with the Nature's Generator. The Nature's Generator Wind Turbine will allow you to harness the power of wind and provide you an additional method of charging your Nature's Generator.

The Nature's Generator will help you continually generate clean, green, renewable energy
with the help of the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine.

Increase Your Run Time

Adding Nature's Generator Wind Turbine to your system provides you another way to recharge your solar generator even when the sun is out. It will also increase the run time of your generator since Nature's Generator can be recharge while being use.

Industry Only Wind Option

Nature's Generator is the only one in the industry that take advantage of Wind charging option aside from our Solar and AC.

Made with High-quality Material

The high quality cast aluminum alloy body provides protection from natural elements and its sturdy design provide versatile use on land, water or wherever you decide to install the wind turbine.

 Specification & Technical Information

 Power Rating

  • Rated power: 150 watts @ 27 MPH
  • Maximum wind speed: 110 mph


  • Blades: fiberglass nylon composite
  • Body: cast aluminum alloy with powder coating
  • Cable: 12AWG pure copper cable


  • Wind turbine cable connectors: weatherproof M19 3P connectors
  • Wind input connectors: Anderson connectors
  • Yaw: fits 1.5 Inch schedule 40 pipes or towers


  • Rotor diameter: 51 in / 1.3 m
  • Weight 22 lbs/10 kg not including cables and controller box
  • Certifications: CE Rohs
  • 12 months Limited Warranty

 What's in the Box

 Complete Electrical System

The Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine comes with 100 ft cable and controller box. It is a complete electrical system to recharge your Nature’s Generator.

 Nature's Generator Wind Turbine

  • 1 x Nature's Generator Wind Turbine
  • 1 × User Guide
  • 1 x Hub Nose cone
  • 5 x Wind Turbine Blades
  • 100ft wind turbine cable
  • 1 x Controller box
  • Hardware and tool bag

*Some assembly required.

Owner's Manual Manual & Quick Start Guide
User Manual