Nature's Generator 50ft. Power Panel Cable

Nature's Generator 50ft. Power Panel Cable

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If you only have the Nature's Generator or Nature's Power Pod and are looking to expand your system by adding a Nature's Power Panel, don't forget to get this 50ft. Power Panel cable. This cable will be needed to connect your Nature's Power Panel to the Nature's Generator or Nature's Power Pod.

UL Approved

12 Gauge


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  • I have the 1800 generator but want to connect my current 2 panel 12v solar system that is 200w. (Renogy) Can I just purchase the 50’ cable and use my current panels? It has MC4 connections. Then I eliminate my old controller. Also, is a inline fuse necessary? Sorry if this seems elementary, new to this generator. Thanks


    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    You would be able to use your solar panels, as long as they do not have a charge controller already built in.  You would need to purchase one of our 50ft solar panel cables in order to connect them to our generator. Additionally, our Nature's Generator has a 200 watt cahrge controller, so the max it would allow / accept is 200 watts max.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with.

    Thank you,
    Nature's Generator Support Team

  • I will be buying a Gold series 1800 watt system. It comes with the generator and the solar panel and a 50 foot cord, yes I am telling you something you already know, but I also want to buy another solar panel to connect to the other solar panel to enhance the Generator to full charging capacity and cut down on charging times. I do not need another 50 foot cord, what do you offer to connect to solar panels together to operate in tandum or did I miss something?

    What you need is MC4 branch connectors for Power Panels. Please see this link to get more information. Thanks

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