Don't break the bank while staying cool

With temperatures rising to new highs over the summer, many are finding themselves keeping the AC running nonstop to avoid melting! However, not everyone can afford to keep the AC going around-the-clock. We've gathered some tips and tricks on how you can keep your home cool during those horribly hot days of the year without breaking the bank.

  1. Use fluorescent light bulbs - as Family Handyman points out, in comparison to incandescent bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs will produce less heat. So swap out any incandescent bulbs still installed around the house. As less heat is produced by the lights you turn on, the more comfortable you’ll be, not to mention the cost savings you’ll see when you switch.
  2. Close curtains or blinds Consumer Reports shares that during hot summer days, blinds, curtains or drapes on your windows should be closed on any windows getting constant sunlight. This will help reduce the amount of heat produced inside your home.
  3. Turn on your ceiling fans – According to the DOE, ceiling fans create a wind chill effect and will help keep you cooler during hot weather. Even when using your AC, turning on your ceiling fan will allow you to turn up your thermostat about 4°F without affecting the comfort of your home.
  4. Avoid using the oven – Most of us know that cooking makes our kitchen hot but using the oven will make your kitchen and the rest of your home hotter. On hot days stick to using the stove top and outside grills to avoid heating your home more than necessary. If you find yourself needing to bake or broil, opt for the use of a countertop convection oven. Although it will still create heat, it will be far less impactful than turning on your main oven.
  5. Open your windows at night – Take advantage of hot days followed by cool evenings. Open your windows at night and allow air to flow in to help keep your home cool without needing to crank up the AC.


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