Nature's Generator Power Panel - 3 Panel System


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Nature's Generator Power Panel is a 100 Watt Monocrystalline solar panel provides you more recharging power for your Nature's Generator and Nature's Generator Elite. 

This kit includes Three 100 Watt Monocrystalline solar panel, One MC4 Branch Connector and Two 50 ft. Long Solar Panel Cable.

Nature's Generator Power Panel is reinforced with 3.2mm safety and anti-reflective glass. It includes summer and winter positions for optimum exposure during the various seasons in the year. At the bottom of the Power Panel there are also two rings that can be used for securing the Panel in a single spot.

For ease of use and transportation, the solar panel also comes with wheels and a lightweight anodized aluminum frame. 

*Some assembly required.


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  • Hi Heather, Thank you for your query. Regarding your question, If it's possible to use a single 300-watt panel instead of (3) 100-watt solar panels. Yes, that is definitely possible and the system that can support 300-watt panels per generator/pod is the Elite system/s. For further information on this system, please visit 

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  • Hi Takilya, thank you for your query. Each Solar panel is a 100-Watt, 17.4 - 21.6V, Polycrystalline cell unit. If you have additional questions, you may reach us directly at